Thursday Thoughts


1. My minions want to be in the pool all the time these days.’s still too cold. So we all sit and put our feet in the water and pretend it’s summertime.

2. I have a huge weakness for these babies


And by huge weakness I mean I stockpile them when all the Easter candy comes out so that I have enough to last me all year long. I’m not joking.

3. I want to go stand-up paddling boarding so bad. SO BAD. It’s most definitely on my summer to do list.

4. This kid lives in the dirt.


5. Little Miss is now known as toothless. I swear the kid loses a tooth every other day. I mean…not really every other day but she’s losing them quicker than they’re growing back. It’s OK though because she looks absolutely adorable.

6. We’ve watched Frozen approximately 1.85 million times in our house. The kids love it. And…AND…it keeps Baby Chaos completely entranced. And since the kid doesn’t stop moving EVER this is a huge deal.

7. I’ve never been a huge shoe person…until lately. I seem to need ALL THE SHOES in my closet.

8. I’ve determined I can handle 2 out of 3 kids at a time. When all 3 are together, it’s mayhem. Complete and total mayhem.

9. I need a spa day. Or a spa week. Even better…an spa MONTH!


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