Random Selfies

I always love going through the pictures on my phone. Mostly because 90% of them, I don’t take. It’s true. Somehow, Baby Chaos has learned how to get into my password protected phone to take pictures. So I find things like this


and like this…


I swear the kid took about 50 pictures of his feet. And then…somehow…he added a different filter to his feet pictures so they’re all different colors. There’s a pink feet picture and a greenish feet picture and a black and white feet picture. I really don’t know how the kid does it. He just does.

Then there’s the times when Little Man takes my phone and I find pictures like this…


and this…


And then there’s Little Miss. The only way I know she’s hacked my phone (and I do mean hacked since she somehow figured out my password) is because I know I didn’t take the picture, yet, there it is.


She may not take pictures for me but she loves taking selfies of herself


The point is…I love finding these random pictures on my phone. They make me smile. Make me laugh. Keep me entertained. And maybe one day…will be used for embarrassment at their wedding. And they’ll only have themselves to blame 😉



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