I learned something this weekend….my boys are obsessed with planes. In particular…jets. Fast jets. Fast jets that are really really loud.

We ventured out to Airfest this past weekend and it was crazy. Planes of all sorts. Helicopters. There was even a boat. At Airfest. Explain that one to me. Little Man was in heaven. I don’t think there was a point when he didn’t have a huge smile on his face.


Happiest. Kid. Ever. So many planes. All with a different job. A different purpose.


And all the planes and helicopters and even the boat were awesome and cool but as awesome and cool as they were, they were no where near the awesomeness that was the main attraction at Airfest.

The Thunderbirds.


Can I tell you how insane these guys are?! INSANE! And loud. And insane. And loud. What’s crazy is how they could sneak up on you. No. Seriously. Nowhere to be seen and then BAM! There they were. Doing something insane. Like this…


I mean. C’MON! INSANE!


If you ever have a chance to go see the Thunderbirds in person…I highly…HIGHLY…recommend it. They are truly amazing. And the entire time they’re in the air, I guarantee you’ll be singing, “HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE!” I know I was.


One thought on “DANGER ZONE!

  1. Grammie says:

    I’m sorry to say I have never seen them
    but I know I have missed something!!!
    So glad u and all got to see them. Lil Man
    sure looked like he was having a good time!!

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