Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday! Meaning tomorrow is Friday…meaning it’s almost the weekend!!!! WOO!!!

So for today’s thursday randomness I thought I’d give you 10 facts about me that you may not know (or want to know).


1. I’ve never read Harry Potter. GASP! I know right?! I’ve always been meaning to but never do. I’ll get to it…one day.

2. My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper and if you pair it with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey…Oh. So. Good.

3. I’m a Friends fanatic. Like I still watch all the reruns and I can recite most of the episodes. It’s my favorite show ever. And if you could give me Rachel Green’s closet, I’ll be forever grateful.

4. My absolute favorite part of drinking coffee is that very first sip. That first sip takes me to my happy place.

5. Speaking of my happy place…My happy place is me, on a beach, with a fruity drink in my hand. Ahhhhh…

6. The place I most want to visit is Ireland. And Scotland. And Italy. And probably in that order. And yes, there are a bajillion other places I want to go. Those are just my top 3.

7. I can’t sew to save my life. My mom tried to teach me. Luckily I did learn to sew on a button. But that’s about it.

8. I hate taking baths. Just no.

9. My love of horses knows no bounds. I hope to own one (or 20) someday.

10. If I’m mad, upset, or frustrated and you want to calm me down…scratch my back. Or brush my hair. Instantly calm.

Happy Thursday!


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