I found this cutie in the sink, with the water turned on yesterday…


There’s only one word that accurately describes Baby Chaos. Hurricane.

If I turn my back for a second, Baby Chaos is gone. Into something he shouldn’t be into. It makes daily life hard because I can’t just watch him. I have things to do with Little Man. I have to help Little Miss with homework. I have to cook dinner. All these things require my eyes to be elsewhere. All of these things give Baby Chaos the perfect opportunity to throw toys in the toilet and to climb in the sink and grab all the bananas and throw them all over the kitchen. All these things give this sweet, baby boy the perfect amount of time to do things he’s not supposed to.


He’s a hurricane. A perfect, sweet, little category 5 hurricane.


And I get frustrated, mad, upset. At him and at myself. But then, as if he knows, he looks up at me with his big brown eyes, throws his hands up in the air, and says “MOM!” So I pick him up and he hugs me his wonderful, perfect hug. And in that moment, everything is perfect.


One thought on “Hurricane

  1. Grammie says:

    I think Baby Chaos thinks he should have
    A LOT more attention. He doesn’t realize
    there is 2 more plus that big kid that needs
    a lot of attention!!!!! It is hard being #3.
    If u don’t believe me ask my #3!!!!!!! Lol
    They never realize you get tired but I do.

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