Thursday Thoughts

1. I’m going through my closet and finally getting rid of some clothes and *gasp* actually buying myself new clothes. If you know me at all you know this is a HUGE deal because I never buy myself anything. But my closet needs an update. Bad.

2. It’s been a rough week. The kids are constantly fighting, screaming, or whining no matter what I do. By the end of the day I feel like this


So here’s hoping the weekend is better.

3. Speaking of the weekend…anyone want to come watch the kids on Saturday?! Pretty please. I’ll be your friend forever 😉

4. It seems my boys believe that their beds are overrated.


Our couches are comfy but seriously kids…


beds are better.

5. If this week is any indication of how the teenage years will be with Little Miss, I’ll be running away to Tahiti and leaving Mr. Chaos to deal with it.


To my dear, dear parents…you’re finally getting payback for my teenage years.




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