Major Trouble

My sweet baby girl got in some BIG trouble yesterday.


It marks the first time in her 7.5 years that she’s been in some major trouble. Little Miss hates getting yelled at. If you raise your voice ever so slightly, she thinks she’s in some deep trouble. Apparently I was the same when I was a little girl. I’m still not a fan of people yelling at me. This fact, not liking being yelled at, means Little Miss doesn’t do much wrong. Not anything major anyways. Until yesterday. And it all started after I picked up my sweet baby girl from school…

She was sent home with a note saying she forgot her lunch money and owed like $2. No big deal…except I pack her lunch Every. Single. Morning. Turns out home girl has been taking her money and spending it all….ALLLLLLLL OF IT…at the snack cart during lunch. So I spend ALL THE MONIES on groceries yet she’s spending all her money on…FOOD. She is SO her father’s daughter.

So yeah..not a huge deal but something we need to talk about because she’s not responsible with her money at all. Fine. She’s 7. I get it. We’ll talk about it and figure out a plan and that’ll be that.

Then we started doing homework and I realized she was wearing her back-up glasses. So I asked her where her glasses were. She had no idea. Actually that’s not true. She had an idea, she knew EXACTLY where they were but didn’t want to tell me because she knew she’d be in trouble because she left them OUTSIDE all night. And not outside on a table or something. Outside in the dirt.

I was mad. MAD. Mostly because I had found them nestled between toys on the floor a few days ago and smashed between her bed and wall a week or so ago and under the couch cushions just the other day. Finding them outside…oh man…I was mad.

Little Miss is probably the sweetest little girl in the world. She would give you everything she had if she could but she has become a little irresponsible lately. And while I was thinking about what to do about this I realized something. She’s 7. No…she’s 7.5. Meaning in just a year and a half she will be considered a preteen or tween if you will. A PRETEEN. WHAT?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! At that moment I just sat. Staring. A preteen. I will have a preteen soon and I am not even close to being ready for that.

So we ate dinner and talked about what happened and what needs to happen and what the consequences for her actions were.  We sat together and talked about responsibility and she was informed over and over that money doesn’t grow on trees.She was told that everyone makes mistakes and she was told she has to learn from her mistakes and make better decisions next time. And she was told that she needs to talk to us. We can’t fix what’s wrong if she doesn’t talk to us. Of all the things I told that sweet girl last night I hope she always remembers to talk to me and her dad.

The entire time we were sitting there talking, I looked straight into my beautiful baby girl’s eyes  and realized the baby in her is gone. She is growing up, becoming a beautiful young lady with a mind of her own. A beautiful young lady, who no matter how old she gets, will always be my sweet baby girl.


One thought on “Major Trouble

  1. Grammie says:

    She will always be my beautiful Princess Great-Grand-Daughter and very hard for me to see her doing anything wrong. She has always been so responsible,lovable,and talks like she is grown up. However, I suppose she can make mistakes but hopefully she will be a better person from the experience. As I always tell her “I love her to pieces and then I love the pieces!! She will always be special to me.

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