Tuesday Thoughts

1. BOTH boys are currently napping. WHAT?! This never, ever, ever happens so I’m busting my bootie to get some things done.

2. I’ve done a ton of cooking the past week. I came to the realization that we’re spending all the monies on groceries and this has to stop. So I’m making a lot of things homemade. So far: homemade pita bread-delicious, homemade naan bread-OMG SO GOOD: homemade granola bars for the kids-They won’t stop eating them, and the list goes on. It is a current mission of mine to make as many of the processed foods for less money and healthier. So far…so good.

3. Speaking of making a lot more of the snacks around here…can you believe I don’t own a blender. Or food processor. WHAT?! I know. I threw our old, crappy blender out when we moved and have never replaced it. Maybe I will. Soonish. I’d really love a smoothie.

4. I took last week off from working out because I was just getting over the awful sickness that’s been going around. We’ve been battling the stomach flu since the week after Christmas. It’s awful and I’ve lost 10 lbs that I never needed to lose. But I started back at working out today and it felt amazing.


5. The new Eric Church album…LOVE. I like to think of Eric Church as the bad boy of country music. I’m really hoping he starts a tour up soon.

6. And the new Miranda Lambert song. ❤ ❤ ❤

7. I’m my Mom’s daughter. Meaning I start 5000 projects all at once and finish none. And now I’m SUPER overwhelmed because I have started all these things and haven’t finished one. So I’m going to try to organize myself this week and start finishing these projects one by one. It’s the only way man. IMG_2810

8. The weather has been AMAZING here. Like, I’m wearing shorts today because the high could hit 80. I love Florida.

9. If you like butterscotch..these cookies are for you. Little Miss and I were huge fans. HUGE.

10. Also…these pomegranate margaritas? NOM NOM NOM!




2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Grammie says:

    Seems like you got it all together. Cooking food has always been cheaper than letting someone do it. I’m sure yours tastes better too!!!!! You must seem your dreaming with both of them sleeping!!!!! Love u you r sucha good mommy.

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