18 Months-An Update

6 more months until my baby is 2.

Unbelievable and I’m in denial.

So here’s the low down…


This is how we feel most days….This kid is everywhere. I can’t turn my back for a minute or he’s in the sink….


or on the stove


or on the counter


It’s non-stop. All day. And it’s exhausting.

He’s the busiest of all my kids. There are 2 things that slow him down.

1. Reading. He loves books. He won’t really let you read the book but he likes thinking you’re reading it and flipping the pages before you’re ready for them to be flipped.

2. Blocks. He loves building and then immediately knocking them down.


And he, like his big brother, always has a messy face.

He loves to dance (aka spinning around and around in circles) loves his big brother and sister, and Tebow is his BFF. His other current love is…CARS. Yup. Two boys who love cars. Mr. Chaos is a happy, happy man. Now he’ll have two little garage helpers.

All in all, he’s amazing. He’s one of the sweetest little boys in the world, loves snuggling, and he loves giving hugs. And he’s a mess. A huge, little boy mess. And I’m OK with that. Most days.


Happy 18 months sweet baby boy!


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