Get off the Roads!

Eek!!! Get off the roads people. Little Man got his first set of wheels.


This kid is over the moon with his bday present from some of his favorite people. He is always asking to drive his car around.

I have to say, at first, he was awful. I was actually, truly scared for us. Then his sister taught him how to maneuver the car around.


I guess in order to teach him, he had to sit on the hood. Because that’s safe 😉


It’s how they roll apparently. Whatever works right?!

But Little Man is in heaven. He thinks he’s a big shot and drives his little brother around everywhere.


It’s kind of adorable.

Heaven for Little Man is any place filled with cars. In fact, whenever we go somewhere he is always pointing out which cars are his. And the cars that are his are typically the fast, sports car variety or the big truck. Good choice Little Man. Good choice.

But the point is this…Little Man is now on the roads (aka driving all over my house aka driving all over the sidewalk) so people beware…


He’s a maniac. MANIAC in his car….and he’s driving like he’s never driven before….(sing to flashdance “She’s a’s quite funny).

Best birthday ever for the Little Man.




One thought on “Get off the Roads!

  1. Grammie says:

    I am so glad he is enjoying it so much. I’m glad he rides his little bro around with him. They r so cute. It is always nice to get someone a gift they really enjoy.

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