Life Lately

Happy Monday!!!!

And yes, it is a happy Monday because for the first time in 3 days I feel like a human! WOO!!!

Remember how I told you Little Miss was sick? Well, she gave it to Mr. Chaos on Wednesday who gave it to me on Thursday night and from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon, I felt like death. Nothing got done, the kids watched way too much TV because I could barely move and food…HA! Food did not come near me for almost 3 entire days.

So life lately has been interesting. Taking care of 3 healthy kids while sick is interesting especially when all one does is climb all over you.

So today is indeed a HAPPY MONDAY!!! WOO!!! because I feel almost back to normal. Almost. But I’m behind on life. Seriously behind. But that’s OK. I’m hoping that I can get all caught up in the next 2 weeks. So here’s to hopefully being fully on the mend and this virus hopefully leaving my family alone.

So yes, Happy Monday!!!!


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