What I’ve Learned This Week

This week has been a tad on the rough side. OK maybe not the entire week. Monday-great Tuesday-OK Wednesday-I’ve had better days Thursday-over it Friday-is this week over yet (and it’s only 8:30am).

BUT…this week hasn’t been a complete loss. There have been some lessons learned…

1. I learned how to capture stingy bugs


Meet Bob. Bob decided that he wanted to hitchhike into our house atop Little Man’s head. Seriously. He walked in from outside and I looked at him funny because something just didn’t look right. And that’s when I realized Bob was sitting on his head. Imagine having to tell your child you have to hit him on the head. Then imagine him looking at you with the saddest eyes in the world because he doesn’t want to be hit on the head. When I told him he had a giant bug on his head he started freaking out but I got to swat Bob off and then the search was on. I had no clue where he landed until Little Man saw him on the window. The window that, luckily, was open. So I ran over, slammed the window shut, and that is where Bob will stay. Trapped between a screen and a window. So for a day or two, we have a new pet. Bob. Bob the stingy bug.

2. I learned I am, at all times, a referee


These two don’t stop. Little Man is not a fan of Baby Chaos most days and Baby Chaos just wants to do everything his brother does. So Little Man tries to push Baby Chaos away from him and then Baby Chaos runs up and tries to hit him. It’s constant. There’s no break from it except for nap time. And if it’s not Little Man and Baby Chaos going at it like barbarians, it’s Baby Chaos climbing and getting into EVERYTHING.

3. I need minions to take care of my minions



4. The stomach bug will never leave us

Little Miss is sick…again.

5. Next week will be better

No matter how sucktastic this week was…next week will be better. Especially if I get my minions to help with my minions. That would make next week epic!



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