A Jumbled Mess

Guys…it has happened again. My brain is a jumbled mess. I blame my boys. I blame them for a couple of reasons..

1. I try to sit down and write and am immediately asked to get snacks because breakfast was 30 minutes ago and obviously they’re hungry. So hungry they can’t wait until snack time which is in 30 minutes. I swear my day is consumed with getting people food.

2. I try to sit down and my boys come asking for me to chase them around like maniacs and who I am to say no to being a maniac?!

So yes, I blame them. I would add Little Miss to the blame game but she’s at school. So I can’t. But as soon as she gets home I totally will.

So every time I sit down to start writing, new ideas pop into my head and by the time they are both sitting down eating quietly, I can’t separate any of those ideas into one post.


But it’s all OK because my kids are kinda sorta most definitely the greatest, most awesome, amazing, and adorable kids in the entire world.



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