When I Was Young and the Absence of Little Miss

I don’t think y’all understand just how hard it is to get a picture of Little Miss these days.


I mean, it’s just a picture right?! But I typically have to beg and plead with her to smile for the camera and she still resists.


Which is why she’s not around the blog much. Which is fine (no it’s not), I’ll be OK with the fact that my little baby girl, my only sweet girl, has no interest in her momma taking her pictures (no I won’t), and it’ll all be OK (uh no…not even a little bit).


I think she’ll come around. I mean, we’ve talked about my blog and I typically ask her permission for any and all posts (except maybe this one…shhhh don’t tell her). The thing about Little Miss is this….she gets embarrassed SUPER, SUPER easy. And when she gets embarrassed, she gets REALLY upset. I’ve talked to her about it, her Dad has talked to her about it, she just doesn’t like being embarrassed.

But none of this is what I wanted to tell you about Little Miss. What I wanted to say is the girl is hilarious. She keeps telling me that she’s going to be driving soon (uh you’re 7 girl…you’ve got some time) and that she’s going to be a teenager soon. Seriously this girl CAN NOT WAIT to be a teenager for reasons I’ll never know or understand. She wants to grow up super fast as evidenced by this story:

So there we were eating dinner a week or so ago and Mr. Chaos and myself were telling Little Miss stories of when we were young. To which she replied with…

“When I was young…like you know…preschool and kindergarten….”

Mr. Chaos and I both sort of look at each other with this look. You know the one…the “when you were young but you’re only 7” look. To which Little Miss got upset because of the embarrassment issue and we’re right back where we started on how Little Miss doesn’t like to be embarrassed and why she won’t take pictures anymore.


unless I bribe her with chocolate. Chocolate usually gets at least a small smile out of her. Reason number 5678 why chocolate is awesome.



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