Musical Chairs

Guys. I just can’t. CAN’T!!!

There’s this thing that Baby Chaos loves to do. Basically, he takes all my kitchen chairs and pushes them around the kitchen allowing him to get into EVERYTHING. Whenever I’m doing something in the kitchen, I’m also fending off the crazy madness of Baby Chaos. When I’m cooking….oh goodness…I have to magically grow 8 more arms because while I’m cooking I have to save Baby Chaos from:


*hot burners

*hot ovens

*falling off a chair because he is too busy trying to reach for something he’s not supposed to be reaching for to realize that he is no longer under the chair but hanging off my counter.

It’s insane. He’s insane. And if he’s not getting into things in the kitchen, he’s pulling everything out of the junk drawer or throwing things off the counter tops. It’s crazy and insane and keeps me on my feet ALL DAY LONG.


It used to be that Baby Chaos would just leave his crazy musical chair act to the kitchen but lately he’s moved on. Not only does he push the chairs around to get what he wants in the kitchen but now, if he’s in the computer room, he pushes a chair in there in order to SIT ON THE DESK. Or he climbs into the sink in the bathroom. WHAT?! Yup. The bathroom sink. Awesome. I’ve found that I have to contain him by shutting every door possible. Except now he’s learning to push the chairs to the doors so he can open them. So that’s fun.

If you need me, I’ll be running after my insane child…

Send help. I’ll need it.


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