The Monster

I have a monster problem. Don’t read that as in I have a huge problem because I don’t. I actually have a MONSTER that is turning into a problem because this particular monster is absolutely adorable which makes you want to kiss his cheeks nonstop but at the same time, he’s a monster who pulls all the toys out and rips all the books from the bookshelves with a mischievous smile on his face.


I mean…come on. Look at that adorable face. What you don’t know is right before I took this picture, he was smashing down a house of blocks that Little Man made. Sure he’s cute but oh my if he isn’t trouble. I turn my back for one minute and he’s into something. If the pantry isn’t kept closed, he’s into the food. If my bedroom door isn’t shut, the books are on the floor. If the computer room door is left open…well let’s just say all my icons on my desktop are miniature right now and I’m not sure how he did it. It’s so hard to get things done because he’s constantly on the go, getting into something which makes getting things done impossible. But that’s OK. Getting things done and crossing things off the to-do list is overrated because at the end of the day..he’s my little snuggle monster. And I’m definitely OK with that.



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