The Friday Before Christmas

Twas the Friday before Christmas and all through the house

The Children were laughing and running about.

While Momma cleaned and worked all day

The kids asked if they could open presents..HOORAY!

Momma said “NO” not at the moment

But we can bake cookies for Santa…YOU KNOW IT!

Off to the kitchen they went in a hurry

Then stopped and looked at Mom..faces filled with worry.

But Momma, they said, what if the cookies aren’t good?

Aren’t good? Oh babies how could that be?

Santa will love them, they’ll fill him with glee.

It’s all about the love you put in when you’re baking

I know when he eats one he’ll keep taking and taking.

So don’t worry my Angels, they’ll be the best of the best

so please there’s no need to worry and stress.

And now it’s the time you’ve been waiting for all day

Time to open the presents and say

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day

*This is my last blog post of the year. Time to hang out with my family and friends. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year!










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