Football Baby!

This past Sunday, Mr. Chaos and I got the opportunity to go to the Bucs game. OMG! When I found out that Mr. Chaos was going to the Bucs game because they needed some volunteers for the pregame I have to say I was SO JEALOUS! I mean…come on..FOOTBALL…ME…I love FOOTBALL! And he got to go. We thought he was only getting one ticket and then…THEN…we found out he was getting TWO! So I may have jumped all around and done a happy dance and forced him into taking me because…I love football.

And most of the time at the game was spent on the field. ON THE FIELD! It was insane. And when we weren’t on the field, we got to be in the pirate ship which wasn’t too shabby. And I hear…I was on TV for all of a nano second but still I was on TV!

It was such a great time and I am so thankful that we got the opportunity to go. We were able to watch warm-ups and the guys got to take some pictures with some pretty cool people. And many many pictures with the cheerleaders which they weren’t complaining about 😉


Can I tell you that I did not use zoom on any of these pictures. WHAT?! I was literally an arms length away from Kaepernick. CRAZY!

But the thing about the game. The thing that got me the most were the people constantly thanking the guys for everything they do and not just them but our military as a whole. Wherever we walked in that stadium, people would just keep coming up to the guys thanking them, shaking their hands, letting them know how important our troops are to them.  Little kids would tap them on the back and say thank you. These kids, their eyes would light up when they saw the guys coming in their uniforms and, you could tell, they were in awe of our soldiers. After the game, as we were walking down the sideline, people were just leaning over the rails, hoping to shake their hands. With everything going on in our country right now and budget cut talks and retirement cut talks and deployments and everything…it was amazing. It was simply amazing.

It was a crazy, insane, fun, and awesome day!


One thought on “Football Baby!

  1. Grammie says:

    I’m thrilled u got to go. The pics r real good. I’m glad they received the guys like everyone should. They give so much so we can have freedom and peace of mind. They look so good in there uniforms. Course I think one of them was very handsome!!!!!

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