16 Months-An Update

Holy cow. My baby boy is 16 months old. Time is FLYING by. I thought it fitting to do an update on Baby Chaos today because he’s so insane.

Seriously. My kid is crazy. And kind of a mess. Last week, he was boycotting sleep which was fun since hubs was in the field for four days. And he’s learned that if he scoots the chair around the kitchen, he can get into whatever it is he wants. His favorite activity is getting into the silverware drawer and throwing it all over the floor. Baby proofing the top cabinets in my kitchen is now a must.

He’s also started temper tantrums. Oh what fun! And man if he doesn’t want to eat every 15 minutes.

But he’s still the sweetest baby. He is always looking for snuggles. He runs to his daddy every day when he comes home from work and when Mr. Chaos picks him up, he wraps his little arms around his neck and gives him the biggest hug he can. It melts your heart. And he gives the best hugs.



He loves being chased after. He’ll run around the couches for hours if you were chasing him. And lately, we’ve been having some pretty awesome dance parties. He is a lover of music and always wants to dance with his momma when Christmas music is on. He really is the sweetest thing.

He LOVES going for walks. I try to take the boys on a walk every morning or in the afternoon with Little Miss.

He’ll snuggle up to you on the couch at the end of the day, right before bedtime, and watch a movie or some cartoons. He’s developed a love for Mickey Mouse. And he is constantly trying to grab the remote to change the channel.


He’s smart. He can tell me when he wants his water (wa-wa). He waves hi and bye, let’s me know when he’s done with something and has a bunch of other little words. He’s my perfect sweet boy.

Now…this is going to be interesting. Here is my sweet baby…one year ago…


And now…a year later…


Melts my heart ❤


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