Love/Do Not Love December 2013

Can I tell you how BUSY last week was. Oh my goodness. Busy. Swamped. But I’m back and so is Love/Do not Love! And this one is all about my favorite and not so favorite Christmas stuff. So without further ado…


1. Christmas trees. REAL Christmas trees. We had them all the time growing up until we didn’t and Hubs was determined to get a real one this year. I don’t know if we’ll ever go back to the fake tree.

2. Christmas Cards. This year was the first I’ve ever sent out Christmas cards and I loved it. I love getting them and giving them so I’m thinking it will be a yearly tradition. Although getting a picture of three kids, all looking at the camera smiling, was interesting to say the least.


3. Cookies. What’s Christmas and the holidays without a TON of cookies. I made chocolate chip and m&m cookies this weekend and am trying to figure out another one to make this week and a couple more next week. Christmas is the time that my freezer gets stocked with cookies and when my husband is sent to work, almost daily, with cookies.

4. Christmas music. Love it. It’s typically on all day. My favorite is O Holy Night.

5. GLITTER! I LOVE GLITTER!!!! I made glitter ornaments this weekend and they were 10 times harder than I thought they would be but they’re so pretty.



1. GLITTER-I know I just told you I love the stuff and I do but oh my goodness…it’s EVERYWHERE in my house since I did the ornaments and I don’t see it going away any time soon. But gosh if it’s not pretty. Love/hate relationship with glitter.

2. Eggnog-OK eggnog lovers…hear me out. I really REALLY like homemade eggnog. But that store bought crap. YUCK! Just ewwww.

3. People being insane. Look…I got it. Everyone wants the best toy for their kids or the best gadget for their husband or wife. But people being super mean to the employees of stores and people in general. UGH! I went out shopping on Saturday and witnessed first hand how mean people can be. First, I got ran into with a cart and then yelled at by the person who said it was my fault that I was in the way. Then, when checking out, some people were yelling at the poor store clerk because they didn’t have a certain toy in stock and another person was yelling at a store clerk because of long lines. Guys…it’s not their faults. And it’s the holidays. Be nice. Please.

4. Materialism. Christmas is not and will never be about the presents.

5. Elf on a shelve. One word…Creepy.



3 thoughts on “Love/Do Not Love December 2013

  1. Grammie says:

    I like Christmas so much. My son and wife came over last night with a tree and lights and put it up and decorated it. So pretty. I love both of them so much. All the kids r so good to me.

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