*My house is a disaster that never gets clean. I straighten up the house every morning and we all pick up at the end of the day and somehow, by morning, it’s a disaster again.

*My two boys are sickies and I’m hoping and praying that I don’t catch their germs because nobody’s got time for that.


*Baby Chaos has figured out a few things in the past week:

1. How to boycott bedtime. Holy meltdowns. Luckily, I found that if I sit in his room for a minute, sing him a song, and rub his little belly, he settles in nicely and goes to sleepy time.

2. How to climb out of his crib. One night while boycotting bedtime, Mr. Chaos and I were letting him cry a minute to see if he would settle in and after about a minute or so, we heard no crying. Then a few seconds later, a little boy came walking out of his room, laughing the entire way. We were not so amused. It       took us a good 45 minutes to get him to sleep that night.

3. That if he pushes the chairs around my kitchen table around, he can get into EVERYTHING. Some examples…the water and ice dispenser on the fridge, anything I put on our island in the kitchen, anything on the kitchen counters…let’s just say that nothing is safe anymore.

*Little Miss keeps adding things to her Christmas list. I think it’s about 50 or so pages now. IMG_2140



*We’ve been doing lots of crafting around here lately.

*Little Man has not been helpful in the least with his Christmas List. He says “yes” to everything. I could probably ask him if he wanted rubber bands and band-aids for Christmas and he would just say “yes.”


*I’m almost done Christmas shopping which makes me SUPER happy. The best part…I’ve done 100% online. I don’t like venturing to many stores during the holidays especially with kids.

*100% related to above-I have no idea what I want for Christmas this year.

*We’ve been watching ALL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES and listening to Christmas music most of the day here. I love the holidays. My top 5 Christmas movies…in no particular order: The Holiday, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street.

*I can’t wait to start baking some holiday cookies. My mom always cooked SO MANY cookies when we were kids and I want to do the same with my kids. Up first…SUGAR COOKIES!

*My to-do list seems to never ever, ever get smaller. I guess I need to actually do things on the list to make this happen so until tomorrow…



One thought on “Currently

  1. Grammie says:

    Sounds like u won’t have to look for something to do!!!!!! Wish I was there for the sugar cookies. Tell Lil Miss that there is a lot of other kids to get gifts too!!!!!’ they are all so cute.

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