The Other Side of Brothers

I’ve written about my boys before. How I love watching them play together and hang out together and how one day I truly believe they will be the best of friends.

HOWEVER….these are not those days.


I swear to you, the majority of my day is spent pulling these two off of each other.


And most days, I feel like I’m in a little boy war zone. Baby Chaos has recently developed a love of cars and this does make Little Man happy because Little Man will take the time to line all his cars up and Baby Chaos will go over and grab one and BAM! War Zone. Little Man goes APOCALYPTIC when Baby Chaos gets near his cars. And of course, we end up talking about sharing and how he needs to be nice to his little brother and how his little brother just wants to play with his bigger brother and how he should be happy that his little brother wants to be just like him. And Little Man agrees to the sharing and the playing and they play nicely for about a nanosecond because…OH MY GOODNESS HE TOUCHED ONE OF MY CARS THAT I DIDN’T GIVE HIM AND NOW I MUST HULK SMASH SOMETHING. 

IMG_3689But one day they’ll be the best of friends.


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