The Land of Productivity

Imagine, if you will, a 15 month old child, who is adorable. The biggest smile, the cutest little nose, and a laugh that could turn any bad mood around.

Now, take that same little 15 month old child and try to get anything accomplished while he is awake.

I’ll give you a for instance…

Everything I’m trying to accomplish today revolves around the computer (I know…bad planning on my part).

So I hooked the boys up with some paper and some sweet crayons (because crayons are awesome) and I start trying to get my to-do list a couple pages shorter.


And I’m actually doing it! I’m accomplishing something and then my 15 month old darling boy tries to climb onto the chair and bumps his head. I give him some mommy love and send him back to crayon land.

And then he steals my mouse. So I chase after him, Baby Chaos laughing the entire way, and once I grab him up, he throws said mouse across the room. Of course, I set him down, grab the mouse, and head back to the land of productivity. Except once I get to the land of productivity, I find Baby Chaos, my little sweetie pie, smashing his hands down on the keyboard, closing all tabs I had open, and deleting any and all progress made on my to-do list.

So there ya have it. The land of productivity is loss forever in my house. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to find it again. So Mr. Chaos, just remember when you asked me what I did today and I sigh, I tried…really, really TRIED…to get things done but it just didn’t work out. Not today and probably not ever.


3 thoughts on “The Land of Productivity

  1. whisperingwriter says:

    I remember those times! My kids are older now but my daughter is 6 and loves to play tea and such so when she’s home from school I don’t get a lot done.

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