Our Weekend

My schedule is all sorts of off this week since we had a long weekend. I keep thinking today is Tuesday but in fact it is not…it is Wednesday. WOO!

So on our long Veterans Day weekend, Mr. Chaos and I got to hang out, just the two of us, for 3 FULL DAYS! Those with kids understand how amazing this is (and it wouldn’t be possible without the help from our amazing families). And those with kids know how much needed alone time with your significant other is. In fact, my best advice to any new parent…spend time with your significant other. Moral of this post is that Mr. Chaos and I had a great weekend. Low key, full of beer, and fun. It went a little something like this…IMG_2407

BEER! At our new and my brother’s old stomping grounds…The BrassTap. T’was a fun night.


Good food….this is called a Doner. My husband found this sandwich on one of his trips to Germany and it is apparently the best “drunk” food out there. It is delicious. It’s got meat, and tomatoes, and cabbage, and FETA (I love feta cheese), and tzatziki sauce all served on Naan bread which may be my new favorite and it’s amazing.


Meeting up with an old friend who was in town for the night. If y’all knew these boys in the old days….oh my…trouble is the only word to describe them 😉


uh…more beer at the BrassTap. Again, our stomping grounds. And FOOTBALL! I love football. It’s probably an unhealthy love and Mr. Chaos has decided he could never be a football player because I’d always and forever tell him what he did wrong on the field. I know football. I love football.


We seriously ate so much food. This was our last meal before picking up the kiddos. Sushi. NOM NOM NOM!

Good times. It was definitely good times.



One thought on “Our Weekend

  1. Grammie says:

    So glad u had a good time. You so deserve it. As for me I had a wonderful time because I had Lil Miss for 1night and 1day till u came to get her. She is so sweet and is always so helpful to me. I love her so much. Also got to see the boys who r also so sweet. When they get older I will be able to have them too. Thanks again for letting Lil Miss stay with me.

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