Babies + Daylight Savings Time

Disaster. That’s the answer to the question…babies + daylight savings time almost always equals disaster.

I have never had to complain about daylight savings time because Little Man and Little Miss weren’t phased by it. It took them one day to readjust their schedules and that was that.

Baby Chaos however, has been a force to be reckoned with.


His schedule is all messed up because of the time change, he’s still trying to get these four…FOUR…teeth in, and he’s got to be going through a growth spurt because all he does these days is eat. And if he isn’t eating, he’s crying or whining or…his newest fun little game…throwing a tantrum. So the days around here have been fun lately.


And by fun I mean I have a raging headache by 9am most days.

He’s lucky he’s cute.


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