Love/Do Not Love-November Edition

It’s that time! A monthly round-up of things I love and definitely do not love. Without further ado (and too much rambling) things I LOVE:

Music- I am a music junkie. I will give any genre of music a shot. Growing up I always listened to country (my mom) and good ole rock music (my dad) from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. When I’m mad, upset, sad, happy, any emotion really, I listen to music. When I clean, music is on. When I workout, music is on. I go from listening to country to rock, to classical, to the classics of the 80s and 90s. I seriously love the stuff. And, if you didn’t know, music soothes the soul.

Birthdays-I probably will change my tune about this after January when I turn….gasp….30….but for now, I love birthdays. I always have. When I was younger, I would start a countdown for my parents and friends a month out. I’m sure it was quite annoying but I did it EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I won’t apologize for it either. I love, love, love birthdays. And today just happens to be my Mom’s 21st birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You can legally drink this year 😉

Sunsets-Sunsets are like music to me. They soothe my soul. A beautiful sunset can instantly make a bad mood good.


Boots-I never used to like shoes. I grew up a tomboy and was never interested in anything but my tennis shoes and soccer cleats. The only boots I ever owned were my horse riding boots and I only wore those when I was riding horses. But now, I’m in LOVE with boots. Any kind of boot will do…dressy boots, riding boots, cowboy boots, etc. And boot socks…love. I really need Florida to get on board with some cooler weather so I can break out my boots more often. That was one thing about North Carolina I LOVED. I got to wear boots for months!

Luke Bryan-So, I love Luke Bryan. I was able to go to his last concert here and it was AMAZING. I will never skip a show if he comes to a town near me. Never,ever, ever. And not only can the guy sing, play guitar and piano, and pull off wearing ridiculously tight pants, but he put on an amazing show. AMAZING. And…AND I got to hang out with my soon to be sister in law AND!!!! I got to meet up with one of my  friends who I haven’t seen since senior year of HIGH SCHOOL!

luke bryan



And now…what I do not love

The song to remember the 50 states-so they taught my daughter that song that they teach to remember all 50 states. It was cute the first few times she sang it and I was impressed at how fast she learned it but now…she sings it all the time. All throughout dinner last night, she sang the song. And then after she was done singing it 50 times, she told her brother that she was going to teach him and then proceeded to do that exact thing.

Spending ALL THE MONEY on food-Guys, I love that my kids eat well…really well. But uh…they eat all the time. I swear Little Man asks for food approximately 1.5 million times a day. Same with Little Miss and Baby Chaos…well he does this lovely banshee cry when he’s hungry. So there’s that. I feel like I have to get a full time job just to feed my kids. What the heck am I going to do when I have two teenage boys?!

Diet pills-Don’t get me started on this. I get fired up. FIRED UP. Especially with ones that are all like, “You can eat anything you want and not gain a pound.” Yeah but eating all those cheeseburgers ain’t doing nothing for your arteries. Just sayin.

School pictures-Although Little Miss did take a good school picture this year, they’re just so…blah. And I don’t have a single good school photo of myself.




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