November 1st

It’s November!!!! WOOO!!!! And we all know that the first day of November means we get to EAT. ALL. THE. CANDY.

No? OK…maybe not all but definitely a piece or two for breakfast?!

We had a great Halloween, full of fun, trick or treating, and of course, getting eaten by mosquitoes as I handed out candy outside so that my doggy wouldn’t bark his head off.


My kids were adorable and the two olders had a blast trick or treating with their daddy. All in all, a successful evening. And now, the Halloween decorations get taken down, and we start the fall decorations….of which I have none…whomp whomp…which means SHOPPING!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween. Happy first day of November!

Oh and hey…don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour on Sunday. One day, the United States will realize how silly Daylight Savings Time is and we won’t have to do this anymore…but for now…clocks back an hour on Sunday! (well technically Saturday night before bed).


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