Shirtless Wonder

We’ve had a development in Little Man’s quest to never wear a shirt.  I’m not really sure when Little Man’s hatred for shirts started. All I know is he still prefers being without a shirt. So there we were, last night, and I needed to get the kids in jammies. Of course, when I asked Little Man to grab me some jammies for himself, he comes out with just his pants. This I totally expected. I didn’t expect what happened next though.

I asked him to go grab me jammies for Baby Chaos. So he did but as he came out of his room with the jammies in hand, he told me this…

“Mommy. Baby Chaos doesn’t need a shirt. He just doesn’t so don’t go get his shirt.”  All of this was said with his little finger shaking at me and a very serious look on his face. It was so…SO HARD…to not die of laughter.


Apparently Little Man doesn’t want to be the only shirtless wonder. Apparently he wants his little brother to be a shirtless wonder too.



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