5 Tips for Pumpkin Carving with Minions

We carved pumpkins last weekend! WOO! I LOVE carving pumpkins minus the carving part. I mean, I don’t mind the carving part but my favorite part of the entire thing is scooping out the insides.

I’m not joking. Not even a little bit. I love scooping out the sloppy mess that is the inside of a pumpkin. So if you want to carve a pumpkin but don’t want to deal with the mess of scooping…I’m your gal.

Every year I get excited for the start of the holidays. I love them all. And every year when Halloween comes, I get excited for pumpkins and pumpkin carving and every year after the pumpkins are done, I am instantly reminded why I don’t like carving pumpkins with my minions. It’s a lot of work. We picked out 3 pumpkins that could be carved and I only planned on doing one because when it comes to the actual carving, 1 pumpkin is more than enough. But what actually happened is I carved mine, then carved the one meant for Mr. Chaos, and ended up having to finish the majority of the pumpkin Little Miss BEGGED to carve all by herself. And I learned something during each and every pumpkin carving.

1. Remember when your kids beg you to let them carve a pumpkin that you will ultimately be doing most of the work.


Little Miss was not thrilled when I told her she had to clean out her pumpkin. I had high hopes that I could convince her to paint her pumpkin by making her scoop out the seeds but it didn’t work. And after she got half way through, she couldn’t get any more out so I had to finish it. Which I actually loved. I know, I’m weird.

2. Find a way to contain your 14 month old because he will get into everything.


At one point, I think he was trying to climb into one of the pumpkins and eat the seeds that weren’t cooked yet. He was everywhere. BUT he LOVES the pumpkins when we light them up at night. He just stares at them for a good bit giggling. It’s awesome.

3. Painting pumpkins is awesome


I love watching the kids paint pumpkins.

4. 1 pumpkin is always enough and crazy designs on the pumpkin are overrated


I always go crazy with pumpkins. I love them. But seriously, 1 pumpkin is enough. And I don’t know why I pick up the pumpkin carving kits. Not only did I brake both the little knives that came with the kit because the pumpkin’s skin was so thick and tough but the one that looks the best all lit up…the one with the normal, simple design.


And we had fun choosing different shapes for his eyes and nose. No more kits for me until the kids are old enough to carve their own pumpkins in their entirety.

5. Always carve a pumpkin and when your kids get old enough, let them help


As hard as it was and as much work as it was to carve all those pumpkins, my kids faces were worth it. They were SO excited and Little Miss truly did an amazing job with her pumpkin. She punched all the holes and even started the carving. And no matter how many times I tell myself that next year I will only get 1 pumpkin, I will probably get 3 or 4 because while I told you 1 pumpkin is always enough, 1 pumpkin is never enough.





One thought on “5 Tips for Pumpkin Carving with Minions

  1. Grammie says:

    Those kids are so beautiful and I’m glad they like Halloween so much. I think they take after Mom. The pumpkins r beautiful too!!!!

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