Little Monster

My sweet baby is turning into a little monster. His current favorite activity: climbing up on everything. Not just the couches which is fine…no…he chooses to climb up on the entertainment unit which he can’t get down from and tries to climb on the computer desk and has even attempted to get up on the counters via a chair that Little Man was using to help make some muffins.


And he thinks it’s hilarious until he can’t get down. He then scream cries (you know…that mix between a scream and a cry…sorta like a banshee) until I come running in to figure out what’s wrong, only to see him stuck somewhere he’s not supposed to be. So, being the nice Mom I am, I help him down and bring him to his toys and sit and play with him until he runs off and goes to the same thing and climbs right back up. And no matter how many times you help him down and redirect him to his toys or food or playing outside….he always goes right back to climbing on something he shouldn’t be.

Needless to say, my day will be spent rearranging random things in our house so my Little Monster goes back to being my sweet baby boy.


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