Little Miss asked her father and myself an interesting question last night during dinner. Well, not so much a question. She was actually taking a poll. She wanted to know who was the craziest person in our little family.

At first, the answer to this question was an easy one…definitely, 100% most definitely Mr. Chaos. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind. Not until Mr. Chaos dubbed Little Man as the craziest.


And I thought about it…really thought about it. Lately, Little Man has been doing the craziest things. For instance…last night, as we were having quiet time that’s never really quiet time, he was running around shaking his booty. He has been doing his little booty shaking a lot lately. He says the funniest things these days and his expressions are priceless.


I just want to mention before going on that Mr. Chaos dressed our child in the above photo. Maybe he is the craziest after all. I mean, my child, in no way, matches. Not even close. And every one who knows my husband, knows he has good fashion sense which makes the way he dressed our child even more bizarre. In fact, the above picture pretty much settles the entire argument right there. I really was going to change my mind, tell Little Miss that I was wrong, that her little brother…Little Man, won the crazy poll. Then I looked at this picture again and was reminded Mr. Chaos…Mr. Chaos will always and forever win the, “Who’s the craziest person in our family” poll.



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