The Case of the Missing Book Covers

Book Covers. You know…what all hardcover books come with.

The other day I walked in my room to find all my books off my bookshelf and Little Man telling me not to worry..he was going to put them all back. So I went about my business of cleaning the house.

And after about 15 minutes I stumbled upon these


Apparently, Little Man has a problem with book covers. And while he was putting all the books away, decided that my hardcover books had no need for their book covers.

Of course, I started to pull the books with no book covers off the shelf in order to put all the book covers back where they were supposed to go but I was met with strong opposition by Little Man who sighed very loudly and asked me, “What do you think you’re doing?” And he asked that very question with a lot of exasperation and attitude in his little 3 year old voice. I tried explaining that the hardcover books needed their book covers but it wasn’t going over very well. In fact, he may have gotten a little teary. So I let it be. I figured I could sneak the book covers back on when he was sleeping or something.

So imagine my surprise when the very next day, all my books were off the bookshelf and Little Man was in the middle of the pile taking off all the book covers I had so diligently put back on.

Little Man-1 Mommy-0


One thought on “The Case of the Missing Book Covers

  1. Grammie says:

    For some reason that boy has been on a mission getting u to do things right!!!! Sounds like he might have taken after one of his uncles. No names but initials are RM. Lol

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