Love/Do Not Love-The Start of Something Special

A blogger friend of mine started doing this posting series- Love/Do Not Love and I kinda love it. So I thought I’d join in not because I didn’t have anything else to write about but simply because…I didn’t have anything else to write about 😉

So without further ado….What I LOVE

1.PUMPKIN! Seriously I’ve already made 4 batches of pumpkin muffins and plan on making my first pumpkin pie of the season in the very near future.

2.My daughter. Haven’t had many posts with Little Miss in them as of late and the reason why is this: I ask her permission for every post I post about her. It’s true. I do. I believe she’s at a age where she may or may not want me talking about her. There are the obvious reasons why I love my daughter but here’s something I haven’t told you. I love her because she brings out my inner girlie girl. The girlie girl that hides deep down inside.


and I love her because she’s awesome.

3. Football. It’s true. I’m that obnoxious girl who loves football. I could talk about it all day long and there are times where I do.

4. Coffee. I drink it every morning. Couldn’t stand the stuff before I got pregnant with Little Man and now, can’t live without it.


5. This guy

We’ve been able to get out more lately thanks to family helping watch the kiddos (I know I need to find a sitter….see number 3 below) and it’s been awesome. Really, awesome. Like we got to sleep in until 9 on a Sunday awesome.

What I Do not love

1. Common Core-I’m not going to go on a huge rant here because that’s a post for a different day. BUT as a mom, with a daughter in the public school system…Common core…it’s ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean horrid.

2. Christmas already set up.


I went to Lowes the other day with the hubs to look for Halloween decorations except they only had about 5 things because their Christmas section was already completely set up. And it’s set up at Sears and Target and all other retail stores and I don’t like it. Let us celebrate all the holidays please.

3. Finding a babysitter for my kids. Here’s the thing. I have this very rational fear that I will find this amazing person and they will turn out to be someone who abuses kids. And I say this is a rational fear because it happens ALL. THE. TIME. I see it in the news  too much for my liking. So I’m scared. Terrified really. Like thinking about it now is giving me some major anxiety…so moving on.

4. Canned tuna fish. Yuck. Don’t even keep it in the house.

5. Basketball. Look, I love sports…I even enjoy watching my husband play golf. But I despise basketball. Of course there’s a reason-I’m not good at it. At all. Here’s the thing. I’m athletic. I love sports and I’m good at most sports. Except basketball. I’m horrible. So I don’t like it. At all. Whenever anyone tries to talk to me about basketball, I simply nod my head and quickly change the subject.


2 thoughts on “Love/Do Not Love-The Start of Something Special

  1. chambanachik says:

    YES TO COFFEE times a billion.

    The other day at Walmart, Millie saw the Christmas stuff and wanted to go look at it. I told her we had to at least have Halloween first. That stuff is out of control!

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      I swear, people wonder why kids are all about Christmas and presents and why our kids have become greedy around that time. Well, we shove it in their faces from October until Christmas. Of course it’s all they think about!!! So frustrating. I don’t buy any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.

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