A Tiny Confession

I lied to my kids last night. Well, let’s not call it a lie. Let’s say it was a small, tiny, fib. Yes….a fib. That sounds better.

BUT…here me out before you *gasp* and say, “I can’t believe she lied to her kids. HER KIDS!” I did it for the veggies. That’s right. I did it all for the veggies.

It went a little something like this..

The Mr. and I love sauteed spinach. So easy, so yummy. Baby Chaos likes it too. But my other little minions, not so much. They take one look at it (because it’s not like it looks tasty) and turn their noses up at the thought of eating it. I’ve made them both try it. I was raised that you eat what you get on your plate. My mother was not a, “I’ll make you something else because you don’t like this dinner” person and I’m not either. Now, if I make something and my kids try it and they don’t like any of it, sure. I’m not about to let my kids go hungry. But I’m also not about to make 5 different dinners on any given night. With that said, my kids “tried” the spinach the last time I made it. And by “try” I mean that they took a teeny tiny bite and said they didn’t like it.

So last night I made sauteed spinach to go with our meal. And as I was plating up the kid’s plates, I went back and forth. Should I put it on there or not? Finally, I threw a tad on each plate and that was that. I wasn’t surprised a bit when Little Miss asked, with that disgusted look on her face that told me she wasn’t going to try the spinach no matter what I said, “Mom, what is that?”

Now, so much ran through my mind in those next seconds. I thought to myself, let me try something. Just a little….experiment….on Little Miss and see what happens. You see, Little Miss loves sushi. So does Little Man. It’s one of their favorites. And when we get sushi we usually get seaweed salad and, well, sauteed spinach could resemble seaweed…and so I told Little Miss that her sauteed spinach, that she supposedly dislikes, was in fact seaweed. Like the seaweed in the seaweed salad we typically get at sushi.

And guess what…she ate it. SHE ATE ALL OF IT. And when I started laughing hysterically, she gave me her “I know something’s up” look. So I told her. I confessed the truth. I told her I was doing an experiment…that I had a certain hypothesis (see I made this educational for her) and had to test it out. Then she laughed with me and couldn’t believe that she actually did like sauteed spinach.

Then Little Man looked at me and asked what the sauteed spinach was and I looked at Little Miss, we laughed, and she told him it was seaweed like we get at sushi. And he ate it. All of it.

And we all laughed. I’d call that a successful experiment.




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