My 3 year old has hit the repeat phase. He repeats most everything you say. I’ll give you a for instance…

Little Miss makes sure Little Man knows when he’s being too bossy with her and always tells him, “You’re not the boss of me.” This has turned into Little Man, when he’s getting disciplined, to yell, “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME,” to me and his father which is just not going to fly in our house. And yes, shouty caps were necessary because he literally yells it…at the top of his lungs…while he’s walking away from you….with his arms folded across his chest. Then he turns to you and sticks his tongue out which is another fabulous thing he learned from hanging out with his sissy.


He’s become quite the mischievous little boy and it’s hard to believe because he really is the sweetest boy ever. He tells me, anytime I leave the room, “Mommy I’m going to miss you.” One of the few good phrases he’s picked up from Little Miss.

I’ll give you another for instance of his fabulous copycat skills.

Imagine me….Mrs. Chaos, shutting the drawer on my finger (you all know that hurts) and yelling quietly (or so I thought) under my breath, “Dammit.” And then imagine Little Man playing with his cars and one of them falling off the table and hearing said 3 year old muttering, “Dammit.”

And the best part this whole repeat phase is this:


He never repeats anything his Daddy says. No joke. He repeats his sister and he repeats me but never his Daddy. So whenever he mutters a “dammit” or, as he has recently added, “shit,” his daddy looks at me with that, “What the heck are you teaching my kids” accusatory look. And I’ve got nothing. Nothing to say to that look because I should try to hold my tongue. But whenever I do curse, I try to say it under my breath and it’s usually because I’ve hurt myself in some shape or form.


So this phase can pass anytime. Because he’s become quite attitudey and I don’t do well when I’m trying to teach my kids about things they should and shouldn’t be doing and they roll their eyes, cross their arms and mutter, “You’re mean to me” (another lovely phrase he’s gotten from his sissy).

So yes, copycat phase, you can leave our house at any time. Or you know…today. Today would be good.




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