Not Goodbye

My best friend of 17 years…my sister from another mister…left me. I move back to Florida just for her to move away.

I miss her and she’s only been gone 6ish days. Not even a full week. I guess it’s just knowing that I can’t go over to the other coast and see her. I can’t drive 1.5 hours to grab a drink with her. I can’t see her anytime I want. She gone (anyone who watches Duck Dynasty will realize that there are no grammatical errors with that).

I miss her. We got together one last time before she left for her new job in her new city and I’m shocked to say….we didn’t take a single picture together. Which, if you knew her, is insane because she takes approximately 1.5 million photos whenever we’re together.

I don’t know how this happened and why we didn’t get a photo but it makes me want to drive up to her new city, snap a photo, grab a drink, and drive back (you can’t go see your best friend, your sister from another mister, and NOT grab a drink).

downtown disney

Of course I snapped some photos of the kiddos because…downtown disney is awesome…duh! And I’m already planning an awesome little road trip to visit but it doesn’t make saying “goodbye” or “until next time” any easier. I just had to say goodbye to my bestie in NC and now my sister from another mister. I can’t handle any more! So to all my other Florida friends on the other coast…you can’t ever, ever, ever, leave. EVER. No more goodbyes. No more see ya laters. None of it.

And to my bestie of 17 years….I miss you. I love you. And I wish you all the best in your new city. Epic girls trip to happen soon!



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