Yesterday was definitely a Monday. And the thing about it is this….this small but significant fact…

I woke up in a great mood on a Monday so OF COURSE Monday would decide to change that. Because it’s Monday. And Monday doesn’t like when people wake up in good moods apparently.

Because yesterday I woke up happy, got Little Miss all ready for school, shuffled the kids out the door, crammed them in the car, and then…my car wouldn’t start.


So after finding another way to get my daughter to school, I came home and tried to jump my car. Which didn’t work. And yes, I know how to jump a car. And yes, I hooked all cables up correctly. Nothing.

Then I checked all other things that I could check and ran everything by the husband who ran everything by his mechanic brother to get his input and all we could figure was something was going on with the battery. So all I could do was sit and wait for my husband to get home to see if he would have any better luck jumping my car. Which he did because my car hates me. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

The point of my story is this…my car has gremlins. Yup. Little tiny creatures that are out to get me. Or at the very least out to get my car. And I’ll never, ever, ever, wake up in a good mood on a Monday again. Ever.



2 thoughts on “Gremlins

  1. Vicky Smith says:

    We have a little tiny bell on our motorcycles. This keeps the Grelims away. I know it sound silly, but knock on wood, it has worked so far.

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