Walking, Climbing, and Talking..OH MY!

Today my baby is 13 months old. Yes, I will always and forever call him my baby just as I will always and forever call Little Miss and Little Man my babies. I refuse to believe there is an age where this will stop.

My baby boy has changed so much in the last month. I’d have to say that the last month was his biggest growth month. He went from taking a few steps at a time before speed crawling away, to now walking everywhere and getting into everything.


It’s so funny looking up to see him walking towards me. He never really believed he could walk. He started taking steps around 11 and a half months but he never wanted anything to do with it because he could crawl around faster than walk. And believe me when I say, the kid can speed crawl. I’ve never seen a child crawl as fast or with so much purpose as this little boy. But the crawling is fading and the walking is all the time.


And along with the walking came climbing. If I’m sitting on the couch, he climbs up to join me. If I’m on the floor, he climbs all over me. If there’s anything on the ground that he can climb on, he does. He’s trouble these days. The curious little boy that is into everything.


But the thing that gets me about this boy, about my baby is his sweetness. The majority of the time (yes there are times when the sweetness is gone, no trace of it anywhere) he is such a sweet boy who just wants to snuggle any way he can. He’ll snuggle with me, with Mr. Chaos, with his sister, and with his brother. Out of my three kids, he snuggles the most. I’m not ready for that to ever go away.


And he’s hilarious. He laughs and does the strangest of things. He thinks siri is the greatest thing ever and he’s really started talking. Baba’s and dada’s and what’s. That’s right, somehow he has learned the word what. He’ll say bye bye and wave his little hand. There are other times when I tell him bye bye that he speed crawls away and hides. It’s his favorite game. More and more words every day.


There are those moments where I wonder where my sweet baby went. He has days where crying is his best friend and all he does is chew on his finger. He’s getting in 4 teeth at a time and of course those things take their sweet time. He’s started throwing the tantrums when he doesn’t get his way and he’s even got this “wonderful” fake cry he does until you make him forget all about the object he was longing for.


And the bad days are overwhelming suck.There’s no doubt about that. Sometimes I just have to put him down, in front of his toys, and walk away. And you know what? That’s OK. I’ve learned that it’s OK to walk away. It’s OK to go shut yourself in your room and take a minute to breathe. It’s OK to be overwhelmed and it’s OK to wonder where your sweet baby went that hour or that day. There will always be days like that will all babies and toddlers and big kids. But I know that after I compose myself, after I get those minutes to breathe and go to soothe my baby boy, I know that he will look up at me, little baby tears in his eyes, and he will smile. And in that moment, the bad melts away.


My baby boy, my world. I love you sweet boy. Always and forever.


One thought on “Walking, Climbing, and Talking..OH MY!

  1. Grammie says:

    He is really getting big. He has the sweetest smile. Maybe I will get to see him walking before long. He will be running before long.

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