Weekend Getaway-Around the World

One of the things I am doing since PCSing, is trying to spend more time with my husband. This is really important to me. We don’t go out together enough and need more quality time together. With three kids, this is hard and expensive since babysitters range anywhere from 10+ dollars an hour. Luckily, PCSing to Florida, we knew we’d have family close by and knew we would be taking them all up on babysitting offers.

So, labor day weekend, we set off on a weekend getaway to the Disney resort area. We stayed at the Contemporary Resort and it was beautiful.


This was the view from our room. The Cinderella Castle. I could have stared at it forever. And across the way…


The Grand Floridian resort. At night, it was breathtaking. The pictures I shot with my phone just don’t do it justice.

We planned to do the Around the World Challenge at Epcot and knew a hotel would be needed. If you’re not familiar with the challenge, it goes something like this…have a drink (alcoholic of course) in every country and I believe there are 11. I am not a drinker. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have my adult beverage once or twice a week but that’s about it. So I knew, it was going to be insanely fun and even more interesting.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First up was Friday night…Dinner out with our friends who were joining us at Epcot. We went to Emeril’s Tchoup Chop over by Universal and man was it AMAZING.

friday night

The restaurant itself is gorgeous and the food…man was it amazing. I had a delicious Mai Tai and the salmon. Both were empty by the end of dinner. SO GOOD and worth every penny.

Moving on to the epicness of EPCOT. Now Disney isn’t known for Epcot, it’s known for the Magic Kingdom. But, I think, Epcot, is the hidden gem. The countries are wonderful to go through and you aren’t packed like sardines in the park. Don’t get me wrong, Magic Kingdom will always and forever be my favorite, but Epcot is fun, especially when you’re trying to fulfill a goal.

epcot adventures

So I don’t think these pictures need explaining but I will for the fun of it.

1. The beginning. Mr. Chaos and I on the monorail

2. The foursome, together, sober. Just remember this pictures when you look at the very last picture of the night which I will post later 😉

3. OK, so we started in Mexico because…uh…tequila. Nuff said.

4. The tequila bar was red and dark which is why we’re red in the picture and I don’t know why Mr. Chaos is grumpy. It’s TEQUILA!

5. We had tequila…and the tequila made us put on the big hats..nuff said on this picture.

6. After Mexico we headed to the UK where I had some strongbow (aka cider)

7. and Mr. Chaos had a Guinness with a little four leaf clover.

8. Me and the hub’s BFF cheersin in up in the UK

9.We had to take a picture in the phone booth. C’mon!

10. FRANCE! I’ll tell you 2 things about France…

11. the wine was delicious

12. the girls were pretty. Seriously, both husbands were chatting with the pretty France girls so of course we had to get a picture and embarrass said husbands 😉

13. Then it was off to Japan for some sake

14. The Japanese girls were hilarious

15. and then to Morocco for some Moroccan beer

16. and a photobomb by yours truly

17. I don’t know why I took a picture with a camel. it was the booze talking. No really…it was.

18. This is where yours truly is struggling. I didn’t even post the picture of lunch where I had another glass of wine. We ate in Canada (AMAZING. Go make beer cheese soup right away please) and then we went to the good ole USA where I stopped drinking. Completely. Except for water. But I wasn’t expecting to make it that far so there’s that.

19. ITALY! I really, really, really, wanted to feel better for Italy but Hubs and I decided we’ll take another trip to Epcot just for Italy and I’m down with that.

*Not pictured are Germany and China because neither my husband nor myself drank in Germany or China

20. The last stop of the epic adventure was Norway where we rode the ride and the last man standing which wasn’t me, or my husband, or my husbands BFF, we’ll call her Mrs. FSU, because we didn’t make it. And we didn’t want to feel terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, the next day. Mrs. FSU’s husband however, he made it. All the countries and I think…I think this last picture says it best…


Ah yes..it was most definitely Mr. FSU who made it through to the end. I love that picture.

It was such a great time, such a great weekend, and the hubs and I are already planning on a return trip to do a modified around the world challenge. And spending time with the hubs, it was amazing and we definitely will be doing it more often.


One thought on “Weekend Getaway-Around the World

  1. Grammie says:

    I am so glad both of u had such a good time. Long overdue. It sounded like all had a good time!!!! You both had this coming for a long time.

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