Why I LOVE Working Out

Yesterday I started my workouts back up.

I’m not going to lie. I’m disappointed in myself that I took so long. But guys, moves take forever. We STILL have stuff to do and appointments to line up from moving. It really seems like it never ends. But never fear, I’m sure a year down the road when you’re wondering whether or not you should renew your lease or look into possibly buying a place in the area, it settles…just in time for you to move again 😉 I’m joking of course. Sort of.

With things dying down and me taking time to focus on myself and looking down at my thighs and thinking, this is not acceptable, I knew it was time to start getting back into the workout groove.

The biggest problem I’ve found is the heat. Florida is hot and the heat doesn’t ever really go away. It cools down a tad for fall (please hurry so my electric bill will go down) and then a tad more for winter but the summer months are HOT. Everything has to happen early or after the sun sets and Mr. Chaos isn’t too fond of me running while it’s dark unless he’s with me, so that’s out too.

But never fear because it you want something bad enough, you make time for it. And I did just that. I took the boys at 8:30 in the am for a nice, HOT, 2 mile walk and then came home, put Baby Chaos down for his morning snooze and did my calisthenics workout.


Here’s something you should know about me and workouts. I like no I LOVE quick workouts. Yesterday my start to finish time was 30 minutes and that included a warm-up and cool-down. And if you’re wondering, I use the Nike Training Club app which I love. It focuses on specific moves for a set time. I know I’ve talked about it before and I would link the post, but I’m being lazy and not looking it up. Anyways…it was a 30 minute non-stop, no resting, workout. I think by the end I had done about 50 push-ups, a crapton of squats, and a number of burpees with a bunch of other moves thrown in. It was definitely a whole body workout and my entire body is extremely sore, in the good workout sore kind of way.

And that’s why I love working out. For that soreness. That good sore, that sore that makes me feel good about myself, that sore that makes me know that I worked out the day before. Today, of course, is a rest day (I try to workout 3-4 times a week with rest days in between). I do the rest days so that I’m not forced into working out every day which again, makes me actually want to workout.

So that’s where I’m at. Happy to be working out again, happy to be making time to do it and happy that it amuses my 3 year old…he may have been laughing at me during my entire workout yesterday. If you’re in a workout rut, try the Nike Training Club app. It’s great and you feel great afterwards.


*Nike did not pay me in any way for supporting and encouraging you to use the Nike Training Club app. I just happen to love it and think you will too.


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