Fix-It Little Man

It all started this past weekend. Hubs was working on the car and Little Man, of course, had to help.


And perhaps he watched his daddy a tad too closely. Because when Mr. Chaos was finished doing whatever it was he was doing, he looked down and saw this


It appears Little Man helped himself to some tools and removed one of his training wheels on his bike. Then the very next day I caught him doing this


According to Little Man, he was “fixing” the chair. Except that he wasn’t. In reality, he was taking all the screws out of the chair which would be the opposite of fixing. But he didn’t see it that way and he wasn’t done “fixing” things.

A little later in the day I found these


and a pile of these


Little Man made sure to keep all the screws and batteries in the pockets of his pants, which I found when I was throwing in a load of laundry and there are many more toys that are “fixed” thanks to Little Man. I don’t think there are many toys left for Little Man to fix. I’m pretty sure all the toys that have batteries, no longer have batteries. And any chairs with screws, are no longer safe. I have two, so far, that have to be fixed.

My little Fix-it Man or Little Destroyer…however you want to look at it 😉



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