Friday Funday

1. It’s been a busy, busy, busy, week and it’s not over.

2. I’m still dealing with filing our claim for our PCS. Well, I shouldn’t say that because the claim has been filed, the inspector came out, and now we wait to hear back from the claims people to hear what they say. I have to tell you, no one is being especially helpful for our situation. When hubs went to transportation with questions about filling out the claim form, he was told, “Just do the best you can.” Awesome. This makes me not overly optimistic on the rest of the process.


3. I’ve been trying to be in more of the pictures I take which is harder than you would think considering I take all the pictures. But I’ve been reminded that being in the pictures is just as important as taking all the photos even if they are pictures of uncooperative kids 😉

4. I get to take Little Miss to the eye doctor this weekend. Which, she’s actually excited about because she *gasp* wants glasses and while she does have some eye issues, I am not looking forward to paying for said glasses.


5. My sweet, sweet baby has been miserable lately. Extremely cranky, has 4 teeth still trying to get in, and just wants to be snuggled. All. Day. Long. Which means that by the end of the day, this momma is exhausted. But dang is he not the most adorable kiddo.

6. And yes, more and more steps. Although I’m still sticking to the, “My son is lazy” thing because he knows crawling gets him where he wants (usually attached to my leg) and fast. But we’re working on getting him to realize that walking is much more fun.

7. We spend most of our days like this


and this…


8. I love our pool. I don’t know that I’ll ever live in another house without one. Except maybe when all the kids are gone and off to college and I have no desire to ever be seen in a bathing suit again.

9. Still waiting to hear about the results from Baby’s ultrasound. Hopefully soon so my Momma heart can relax.

10. Life is good and I’ve been reminded, too much lately, that life is precious and to live each day. To be happy. To love. I’m praying for so many people right now going through tough times and every night I hug my kids a little longer, let them stay up a little later, and realize that I’m truly blessed.



One thought on “Friday Funday

  1. Grammie says:

    Kids love the pool—but when u get older, you will wish it would go away!!! It’s nice to see how brave the kids have got with the pool as at first they hardly wanted to get off the steps!!!!! I think of you everyday as I know you have your hands full, but this shall pass way too soon!!!! No child ever had a better Mom!! Give them all a kiss for me.

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