Shopping With a Daughter

I guess I should start this post by saying that I’m not the best shopper. I love buying clothes and all but I hate going shopping for them. I typically go to the mall knowing exactly what I want or need and get in and get out.

Done. No worries, no fuss. In, out, done.

And then I had a daughter. A daughter who loves to shop. A daughter who has her own style and a daughter who knows exactly what she likes and will tell you exactly what she doesn’t.


We went back to school shopping this last weekend and two things went wrong

1. the stores were packed. So. Many. People.

2. I wanted to buy the things I wanted for Little Miss and Little Miss wanted me to buy what she liked (some of which was OK but some of which was not)

Speaking of children picking out their own clothes, when did we decide that girls could wear clothes that are only meant for women? That’s the question of the day. In fact, there was one store we went in and immediately turned around and walked out because of this very problem.


The shopping trip did not go well. We had fun spending time together but we like two completely different types of clothes (for the most part) and everything she wanted, they didn’t have in her size.

But I learned something on this shopping trip. I learned that while I may not have liked some of the clothes Little Miss picked out that they were HER clothes to pick out. I wasn’t wearing them and as long as they fit her right, why did it matter if I liked it or not. And then I immediately called my Mom and apologized for all of our shopping trips when I was a kid because we had the same problem. Mom would say, “hey do you like this?” I would shake my head “no” and then go pick something else out that my mom would definitely not like.

From now on, shopping with Little Miss will be so much easier. For starters, I will never go shopping the weekend before school starts and I will always let her pick out what she likes.



How on earth do I have a 2nd grader?!


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