Up, Up, and Away

Little Man and Mr. Chaos do this thing where Mr. Chaos throws Little Man as high as he can and then, of course, catches him.

Little Man loves it. And then Mr. Chaos decided to do it while in the pool with Little Man.


The first time, Little Man wasn’t too sure about what was going on. But then, then Little Man asked to do it again. Up, up, and away, higher and higher. Screaming the entire way up and screaming the entire way down.

And lovin every minute.


2 thoughts on “Up, Up, and Away

  1. Grammie says:

    Sounds like another Mr. Chaos!!!! It is fun when u r little. Save your money Mr. Chaos as he will want to try the jet powered water ski’s and will want to jump out of planes etc. Lol

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