10 Days

In 10 days my sweet Baby Chaos turns one.


I’ve never been emotional about my babies turning one. But this time it’s different. There are no more babies in the plans for Mr. Chaos and I. Once my baby turns one, he’s officially considered a toddler.

No more baby.

And while Mr. Chaos and myself are 100% sure we don’t want to add another baby to our family, I am sad that my last baby is turning into a toddler. My first baby is a 7 year old teenager, Little Man is needing me less and less and now baby boy is entering the toddler stage.

No more baby.

I am sad. My babies are growing up and I adore watching them all learn and grow in all their different ways. But there’s nothing like those baby snuggles. That new baby smell. Those itty bitty onesies and baby socks.

So friends, enjoy it and soak it up. And if you’re a friend of mine, get ready for me to come steal some of those sweet baby snuggles.

In 10 days, I won’t have any more babies. Two big kids and a toddler.  Always my babies in my heart but babies no more. Let the adventure of two big kids and a toddler begin ❤



2 thoughts on “10 Days

  1. Grammie says:

    Well written. They really grow up too fast. They will always be your babies. Each day they change and need us less in being right behind them, but they always will need you in so many ways. You will always be glad that they do!!

  2. Grammie says:

    Well written. Babies are so special but they grow up too fast. They will always be your babies but in different ways. They will always need you as you will always need them. When you get older you will be glad you have them to see about you, which I am sure they will.

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