No DuckFace

There’s a saying around the interwebs…No DuckFace. Ever.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the duckface it’s a face that women make. They think they look cute with their lips all puckered up like they want a big ole smooch but they don’t, they look like they have a duckbill on their face. And typically the pictures are taken over and over and over again so one woman could have 100’s of pictures of her thinking she’s puckering up for a kiss, when in fact she actually looks like a duck. Hence the “No Duckface” plea from men (and women)  everywhere.

My point is this. My boy, my baby boy, makes the BEST duckface ever. EVER. It’s hilarious. And silly. And awesome.


Because babies, babies can pull off the duckface. But only babies. Not teenagers. Not grown women. And definitely not men. Just babies. Cute, adorable babies.

So No DUCKFACE unless you’re a cute, adorable baby. Mmmmmkkkkk…..


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