Let’s Talk About Food

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever: I LOVE food. I do. My tastes have changed and evolved my entire life but the fact remains that I love food.

But here’s the deal. I love food and I eat unhealthy foods from time to time but for the most part I love healthy food. When we moved, I had to eat out more than I wanted and it’s taken it’s toll on my body. Not in a, “I’ve gained all the weight,” kind of way because I haven’t. More so in a, “I’m not feeling my best because I haven’t been eating the best,” kind of way. I was tired more, irritated more, and just generally not feeling it.

And let me be clear here… I don’t believe in diets or diet fads or any of that. I will never be, “on a diet.” Being healthy, to me, means living a certain lifestyle. One that doesn’t involve fast food and deep fried chocolate bars. One that allows you to try new foods and have your splurge days and one that allows you to enjoy your life and your food.

I am a firm believer that if you eat healthy, you feel good. You are happier, you have more energy, you want to do things, you want to see people, you want to do everything possible because you have energy and the happy’s and you’re just “You.” Your actual self comes out. Now don’t get me wrong here. You shouldn’t have to only eat salads or eat carrot sticks for lunch every day and there are the occasional splurge days but for the most part healthy is my lifestyle. Healthy is me. And if it were up to me, meat consumption in our household would be pretty low. But since Mr. Chaos is exactly like a T-Rex in a, “I HAVE TO EAT ALL THE MEAT IN THE WORLD!” kind of way, it’s not. And that’s OK. I modify meals to make every one happy in our household and it works. But my body is still saying, “Hey you ate horribly for 2 weeks and weren’t really able to exercise and I totally understand because you were moving and all but let’s get back on track shall we.” And I have the perfect opportunity next week.

Next week Mr. Chaos won’t be around much for dinners due to work so next week, I will be doing a slight body detox. I will be figuring out a way to unpack the house, entertain my minions, and fit in some exercising because guys, I’m at my best when I’m healthy and right not, I’m not at my best. Not even close.

So Bring it, Just do it, And all those other sports and workout cliche’s because I got this.


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