The Floaties

The kid’s got some new floaties for the pool from their Aunt J. And of course, immediately after opening the box, they wanted them blown up.

“Mom, mom, mom, mom, mommy, mom, mom, mom.” So I said to the little’s, “Sure, go right ahead and blow those floaties up. If the weather stays nice we’ll go in the pool too.”

*Spoiler alert- The weather did not stay nice.*

Little Miss was SO EXCITED to blow up said floatie and ripped into the package, grabbed the floatie out and got right down to it.



There’s this thing about floaties though. When you blow them up, you have to pinch the thingy-ma-jig in order to get the air in. And I knew this. But I “forgot” to share this little tid bit to the kids. Oops.




Little Miss was getting a tad frustrated when no air was getting in. She decided it would be best if she passed the floatie to Little Man because he would probably be able to do it. Because, you know, he’s a boy. (oh yeah, she went there)

So Little Man had a go of it.


Aaaannnnndddd nothing happened. No air went into said floatie no matter how hard he tried.Cue Little Miss getting frustrated.


At this point, I may have been laughing a little too hard which made Little Miss suspicious. So I told her the trick. I told her she had to pinch the thingy-ma-jig. IMG_9887

At this point, Little Miss conceded that the floaties won and they would never ever ever be blown up and they would never ever ever get to play with them in the pool.

Ahhh my little drama queen. I finally gave in but only after I made her pout for it. And say that, “Mom is the best at everything. Better than Dad. Just the best.”


Ok, I didn’t make her say that but I totally made them pout for it. Although I think Little Man needs some work on his pouting skills


After it was all said and done, the floaties did get blown up, right as the storms rolled in. But the next day was beautiful, and the floaties were used. And I *may* have stolen them from the kids and I *may* never give them back.



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