11 Months-An Update

I’m up to my eyeballs in boxes, unpacking, planning a birthday party, keeping the two older little’s entertained, and filing a claim for our damaged stuff (which the military makes as hard as possible, just so you know), so I will keep this update short, sweet, and to the point.

My baby is 11 months old.


He’s still the same sweet baby. So calm, so relaxed, so perfect. Here’s the rundown:

*He loves using his walker

*He can stand all by himself

*He seems to be going through a growth spurt because, as of late, all he wants to do is eat and sleep

*He loves the water. At bath time, he cries when he gets out. He loves the pool too.


*We’re working on our words. He’s got dada, mama, gaga, and has started saying up. We’re working on hi and bye but when you say those to him, he waves which is adorable.

*He loves to snuggle which I love more than anything and whenever I pick him up or Mr. Chaos picks him up he hugs you tight around your neck never wanting you to let go.

*He’s playing more and more with toys and has started stealing his brother’s cars which isn’t going over very well.


*He LOVES his brother. LOVES him. He loves his sister too but he’s really starting to play with Little Man because they are closer in age. And Little Man LOVES his brother. He plays so well with him and loves making him laugh.

I truly can’t believe in one short month he will be one. I also can’t believe I have the entire party planned and just have to put the pieces together. He is the sweetest little baby and I couldn’t be more blessed to have all my little’s.

So now for the comparison…10 months


and now 11 months



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