Our Fourth of July

We had a nice, calm, relaxing Fourth of July this year. Calm and relaxing because it pretty much rained the entire day off and on so fireworks were pretty much a no-go…until the Fifth of July that is.

We were all prepared on the Fourth (read we purchased our fireworks earlier that morning) and right as it started to get dark enough to shoot off fireworks, rain started coming. So we shot off a few, the kids had fun. The end.

Enter the Fifth of July. My brother and Sister-in-law came over and we shot off the rest of our little fireworks which got the guys all FIRE! And WE NEED MORE! So they went and got more booms and it ended up being a loud and fun night.

4th of July

Little Man and Little Miss actually got along and watched the fireworks together. Little Miss made sure to explain fire safety to us all. She worries a tad bit about things like that. It was Baby boy’s first 4th of July and he laughed at a few of the fireworks which could mean that he thought they weren’t big enough and by the time we got around to the big ones, he was in bed and yes, he slept through them all. Love that boy and his deep sleeping habits.

By the end, Little Miss was scared, Little Man wanted more sparklers and the big boys really, REALLY, wanted to go get even more fireworks to which the ladies said uh no. Good times were had by all. Except maybe Tebow.


He might have been a tad scared of the booms. Sorry puppy.

I hope everyone had a happy and fun 4th of July!



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